Orchard Information

Codling Moth Control

SIR implements a successful area-wide codling moth management program. Working area-wide helps everyone.

Degree Days

The degree day totals indicate the predicted stage of development of codling moth.


BC Decision Aid System - Regional adaption of WSU DAS to the Okanagan

Trap Viewer

Codling moth traps are placed in all the orchards in the SIR program area, and they are checked weekly by SIR staff.

Codling Moth Maps

Every year codling moth trap count results are also used to produce the annual Codling Moth Neighbourhood Maps.

Apple Clearwing Maps

Every year apple clearwing moth trap count results are also used to produce the annual Apple Clearwing Neighbourhood Maps.

Organic Orchards

Management practices conventional and organic growers can apply to reduce and keep codling moth levels.

Spraying Information

There are situations where chemical interventions may be required.

Mating Disruption

Using pheromones to communicate and find mates can be exploited by pest managers and used to control some insects.

Cardboard Banding

Corrugated cardboard banding, applied to the trunks of host trees, works as a trap for mature codling moth larvae.

Letters from SIR

Letters and notices sent by SIR and actions to be taken.

Publications, Links, Videos

Important resources, videos, documents and links.