Backyard Tree Care

My Fruit Tree

All property owners with apple, pear, crabapple, or quince trees are legally responsible for controlling the codling moth.

Codling Moth Management

Nonchemical management includes removal of debris under trees, pruning, inspection, stripping, thinning, bagging, etc.

Spraying Information

Learn about domestic pesticides, and the best timing for success.

How to Prune an Apple Tree

Learn the goals and timing for pruning apple trees, and how to prune young and mature trees.

Letters from SIR

You may receive a letter from the SIR Program. See here for more information on the different notices.

My Neighbour's Fruit Tree

Questions and answers about your neighbour's fruit tree and what you can do.

Cardboard Banding

The SIR Program will use cardboard banding to monitor codling moth infestations. See more about the process here.