Codling Moth Maps

Codling Moth Neighbourhood Maps are available by clicking on the map above or finding your area in the links below. These maps show codling moth trap data from the previous season for all the apple and pear orchards throughout SIR’s service area.

Neighbourhood maps can prove useful for growers, or their advisors, in determining what level of risk they may face from codling moth within their orchards, or from surrounding orchards. Assessing whether or not a spray was recommended for your orchard, as well as nearby orchards, can help determine if extra control measures may be needed in your orchard, or parts of it, for the upcoming season.

2021 Codling Moth Neighbourhood Maps

Updated March 2021

Please keep in mind that the information shown on these maps is data collected over the 2020 growing season, to assist in planning for the 2021 growing season.

Please review the legend on the maps for details, and contact us if you have any questions.