Apple Clearwing Maps

These maps present the results of the 2018 Apple Clearwing Moth (ACM) survey conducted throughout the Okanagan Valley from Salmon Arm to the US border.

One pheromone-baited trap was placed in every apple orchard in May and removed in late summer.

In order to display the changes in ACM distribution since 2012, surveyed orchards are colour coded to indicate the status of ACM in all four survey years. The LEGEND defines the colour coding.

If ACM was caught in one or more survey years (2012 and/or 2014 and/or 2016 and/or 2018), the orchards will be coloured purple. If ACM was not detected in every year surveyed (2012, 2014, 2016 and 2018), the orchard will be coloured orange.

No data was collected in orchards coloured grey, because the orchard was newly planted in 2018 or the trap was either missing, damaged or on the ground in all of the surveys conducted. These orchards may or may not have ACM.

The British Columbia Fruit Growers Association (BCFGA) is investigating the use of mating disruption (MD) to control ACM populations in the survey area. Isomate-P pheromone dispensers were hung in a number of apple orchards in 2015, 2016, 2017, and 2018. Orchards with MD present are coloured blue. Pheromone-baited traps do not work properly when MD is applied, so growers should continue to monitor and treat as required. See the BFCGA Integrated Fruit Production Guide for management recommendations.

This survey was a cooperative project of the BCFGA, the OKSIR Program, and the Summerland Research & Development Centre (SRDC).

2018 Survey Maps